Admission Policy for International Students

For international students,

Our laboratory welcomes international students for both master’s degree and Ph.D. degree candidates.

For research student applicants,

Currently, our laboratory does not accept research students in general for taking the master course entrance examination because of the lack of our laboratory space. Besides, the research student experience is not required at our laboratory for taking the examination. Please take and pass the master course entrance examination directly and get your seat at our laboratory. We look forward to seeing you at our laboratory as a master course student. Please contact us if you are a MEXT scholarship or the other scholarship candidate who requires research student experience before master course entrance.

For exchange foreign student applicants,

Our laboratory welcomes foreign exchange students based on partnerships or collaborations between your university and Tokyo Tech. For further details, please ask your university or Tokyo Tech office.

YAMAOKA, Katsunori
Yamaoka-Kitaguchi Lab., Tokyo Institute of Technology
September 30, 2019